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Using Inspect Element to Check Template Responsiveness

Are you looking for a responsive CMS template? Well, before you find a really good option, you’re likely to come across tons of themes that don’t look good on every screen. It’s pretty hard to check whether a template is responsive or not, but we know a great way to do so quickly. This trick will allow you to tell almost instantly if a particular theme matches your requirements concerning the level of responsiveness.

Web Building as an Element of a Bigger System

It’s not difficult to be caught up by all the components referring to creating a website: design, code, testing, content and etc. So much necessary things go into that ending deliverable that can be forgotten about how the website comes upon to a visitor, and how scalable this site is.

Creating a Multi-editor Dynamic Website with a CMS

Lots of people start creating websites these days for different purposes: some use them as marketing tools, others see their own pages as great means of expressing themselves and their views on various subjects. If you personally consider creating a site to be the best way to share original content with the world, read our tutorial below. It is aimed at showing you how it’s possible to create an information-rich, multi-editorusing a CMS. This tutorial is suitable for webmasters on a budget as well as ones who are ready to invest considerably in their new resource.

CMSMS Backups

In our tutorial today we will tell you the basics of CMS backups. To be more precise, we are going to explain the entire backup process in the content management system called CMS Made Simple.

Changing Coverage in Siebel CMS

Using Lists in HTML

Before we start discussing how to use HTML lists on your pages, we should talk about what types of lists exist. There are three basic ones:

  • Definition lists

These lists include not just items (that are usually a term which needs to be defined), but also the second part – the definition.

Detecting a Website CMS

4 Sites to Study Web Design Free of Charge

In case you want to study web design totally for free, you will find huge tutorial websites on the internet. Below are the best 4 sites which will assist you in learning the design at no cost.


Editing Your CMS

A CMS by its nature should remove the need of a webmaster to edit HTML in order to publish new content. However, it does not always accomplish the task. There are certain situations when a little more customization is required than your CMS can offer. Well, in these cases, you should comply with this instruction.